The Must Have List

From morning gym, conferences and meetings to night parties and sleepovers, from winters to summer — your calendar is jam-packed. With such a fast paced lifestyle, the last thing you can think of is “what should I wear?”

Here are the 11 must-have items you need to tackle your never-ending to-do list:

1. A trenchcoat

What is is?


It is a lightweight, structured and comfortable, a classic statement to keep you cozy in the super cold winters and also to make an impression wherever you go.

2. Black Skinny Jeans


Easy, sleek & sexy — a more sophisticated alternative to denim and to wear at multiple occasions.

3. A Classic Handbag(preferably tote )


A handbag is must in any girls wardrobe, wherever you travel even when going for a coffee, a handbag is what completes your look.

4. A-Line Dress


Feminine and classy. Keep one in a subtle print for texture & variation for any party night or office meetings.

5. Cashmere Neck Sweater


It practically goes with any jeans or leggings with boots as well as those stilettos. A light shade preferably gray or even a black color would be a safe option always.

6. A Strappy Sandal


They go with denim as well as your little black dress and is worn by every celebrity as well as every woman you can come across. Own it with pride.

7. Delicate Fine Jewellery


Make sure you own a sleek and sexy pair of jewelry. A simple silver neckless with a designer pendant would be the best choice.

8. A Short Perfect Blazer


A short thin blazer of any color is the newest trend. Why not? You could wear it anytime- winters or summers, it’s a style statement and a sexy one.

9. Silk Stole


It is a chic accessory that immediately brightens your outfit and gives you a versatile look. Try going for a 100% silk material as it will be comfortable in winters and is cool enough for the summers.

10. Sunglasses, Of Course!


A sunglass is something to invest in one time and enjoy the perks for a long time. Enjoy the hot look whenever you go out in the sun.

11. Fine Silk Blouse


For the days you feel bloated but still have to maintain your everyday charm. It is a must as you could pull this off anywhere and everywhere.